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Gifted Souls


This seminar is regularly re-occuring few times a year. Should you like to be informed when new date is announced, please subscribe to the newsletter below:

This seminar is designed to help you to recognise your gifts and sense the unique essence of your soul. We create this space together with my beloved friend Simona Šormová to share our knowledge, insights and life experience in the area of soul and personality typology. 

The Seminar consists of three main parts: 

  • individual soul reading from both of us, which you receive in e-mail prior to the event 
  • informative talk about variaty of soul types and gifts, traumas that are blocking the fulfilment of soul potential, different ways of manifesting, which enviroment healthy and which is unhealthy
  • trauma release – group terapy

This program includes individual soul readings and some data from manifesting protocole from your Akashic records. This readings are done few days prior to the seminar, it is not possible to do the reading on the spot, so please be aware that you need to register at least three days prior to the event.  

If you’re coming to the seminar in Prague, be aware that the session includes light refreshment in form of snacks and tea/coffee. There is a kitchen available for those who would like to prepare or heat your own meal. We also offer meditating pillows and blankets for all. 

We recommend that you bring your personal crystal or amulet to charge during meditation. You may also bring pen and paper to note down any insights that may come. 

Price: 1777,- czk / 73€
Seminar in Prague

Price: 1444,- czk / 60€
Online webinar (ZOOM)

Adress for Prague Seminar:

Dům Nekonečných Možností, 
Nad Úpadem 403/1, Praha Háje

Dates of events:

28.5.2022   3:00pm (untill cca 7:30 – 8pm) Praha – Dům Nekonečných Možností

07.6.2022    4:30pm (untill cca 8pm) Online (ZOOM)


Katarína Méresová

Inspirative talker, trainer/couch, mentor, facilitator of active and passive meditations, event organisor, webmaster, clothing designer, partical accelator, and many more 🙂

Simona Šormová

Therapist, guide to soul gifts, Akashic record guide, teacher, mentor of deep meditation for trauma release, gentle guide for higly sensitive beiings and empaths

*Cancellation policy: the full payment will not be returned once paid. However it may be possible to transfer this payment to another session after personal consultation.