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This is a seminar (or webinar) that we do with cooperation with Simona Šormová. We focus here on recognising our gifts, and soul essence. Our aim here is for all our atendees to recognise their qualities and fulfill their life purpose. Living our potential brings easily abundance into our life – in form of healthy relationships, financial wealths, healthy body. This workshop also includes individual soul readings. 

This is a 10-day online program with cooperations with Simona Šormová. We call this a “boot camp” because od the intensity of terapeutic sessions in this webinar.  This soul work includes deep cleaning of personal energy field, work with high sensitivity (empaths), getting rid of old unhealthy intentions, promises, etc. This is so called “fen-shui” of our energetic, auric and physical body. Personal channeling for every atendee is included. 

21 day challenge of group house cleaning. This includes cleaning waredrobes, kitchen, cellar, car, digital data, and finances. It is time to get rid of all that does not serves us and holds us to the past, or feeds our expectations (“I’ll keep this clothes for the day I loose weight…:) Get rid of old, to allow the new to enter your life, such as new home, new partner of new job.  The intetion for this program is to bring the Divine Order to all areas of our life.  

This activating retreat in Kubasova Chalupa: is full of joy and pure presense in the body. We will anker the codes of joyfull being in our body by practising yoga, dancing, meditating, eating healthy food (accordning to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Wim Hof breathing and swimming in cold water, practising Chi-Kung and singing.