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Eat, Love, do yoga

20.5. - 24.5. 2022

This joyful retreat was an idea of two beloved friends – Katarína (Wolfica) and Milka (Alchymilka). We have asked few of our friends to join our team and together we have created this event full of body and mind bliss.

During this 4-day retreat, we will give full attention to the pure presence in the body. We will release any blocks or traumas that prevents us from enjoying the bliss of all our senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight). We will focus on coherence of the three: body, mind and spirit.

During the retreat we will be served delicious meals 3 times a day. All prepared by Alchymilka and the local chef. The food is in compliance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the menu is specially created to support the deep inner work done during this retreat. 

We are glad to have a man in our team – Martin Stehno, who will guide us through the Wim Hof breathing method and Chi Kung energy healing. 

Another member of our team – Sagari, will be our Yoga teacher and in the mean time she will tune us to the sound of traditional mantras. 

I will guide you throug active and passive meditations and together with Lenka we invite you to open up your voice by doing 5th and 2nd chakra de-armouring. 

So in summary we will do:

  • healthy eating habbits (possible loss of weight might be a bonus)
  • strengthening of your core, the centre of our power
  • set the balance of your mind, body and spirit, learning the basics of Chi Kung that you can continue practicing at home
  • opening your voice -block release from 2nd and 5th chakras (these are related) which naturally releases the feeling of shame
  • dancing – joyful living
  • supporting each other in the loving circle of friends
  • spring cold water swimming which is soooo rejuvenating 

This retreat will take place in this amazing place called Kubasova Chalupa. 

Price: 6789,-  / 267€

This includes 4 night stay in shared bedrooms, vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  

The rooms are equipped with beddings, please bring your own towel and possibly blanket for meditations. You will also need your towel and yoga-mat. 

The Deposit to reserve your space is 2000,- KČ (80€). The remaining amount will be paid on arrival – please bring the exact amount in CZK to make it easy for us.  (4789,- KČ) Thank you.

Place: Kubasova Chalupa

562 01, Sudislav nad Orlicí 11    /        GPS: Loc: 49°59’16.92″N, 16°18’53.238″E

Check-in: Friday 20.5.2022 5:00pm 

Check-out: Tuesday 24.5.2022 1 or 2pm

Sprievodci pobytom

Katarína Vlková

Trainer and guide on the way to selfdiscovery, active and passive meditation mentor, event organiser, inspirative speaker, multifunctional woman, mother of two beautiful children


Guide to healthy eating, visionary, nature lover, inspiring woman, masseuse, channeler, master of crystal and energy work.


Yoga facilitator, lover of life, singing, art, wind, ocean, mountains, herbs. She connects the world of art with the conscious body movement in yoga which can be called as the “pure art of living” 

Martin Stehno

Lover of Consciouss living, practises Wim Hof life style and Chi Kung and applies this simple energy principles in all aspects of his life. He is also a father of two beautiful children and IT analytic. 

Lenka Polášková

She is a lover of free living with no boundaries, guide to a conscious horse approach and riding, singer, voice coach, and the goddess of abundance and mother of one gorgeous son.

** Cancellation Policy: the deposit is nonrefundable. It is possible to transfer this to another attendee after consultation. Please email to